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My free Welding Purpose to Priorities webinar for the IoD is open to all via the text link below

By |2017-10-17T15:41:48+00:00August 29th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Here is the link to book into my IoD Advance webinar on Tuesday 5th September between 11:00 and 12:00: Click to book . I have just heard from the IoD that you don't have to be a member to attend this session. In this hour I will be sharing hard earned [...]

Making Office 365 work better with other software tools

By |2017-07-19T17:24:47+00:00July 19th, 2017|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management, Leveraging technology to improve productivity|

Most of us who use Microsoft Office as a primary productivity business tool also use other software based tools or platforms which synchronise with Office, especially Microsoft Outlook. I’m thinking here about CRM tools, Client or Case Management systems and Project Management tools. This works really well until the latest [...]

The inconvenient truth within the world’s most famous SMART goal statement

By |2017-06-19T17:41:39+00:00June 19th, 2017|Goal creation and control|

If you study Goal setting in any way, you have probably come across President John F Kennedy’s famous goal about the Moon mission in 1961. Here is something important that many people don’t know about that famous SMART goal statement. Something I think it is equally important for us personally [...]

A lesson from Elite sports for business owners who also have to sell

By |2017-06-12T15:34:59+00:00May 9th, 2017|Strategy and Strategic Thinking|

An insight for accidental salespeople; those people building a business out of something they love and care deeply about who also have to sell their product or service to others. Seasoned Sales Professionals might find the reminder useful. I was connecting dots backwards, yesterday, on the ruthless reality of winning [...]

Infographic on the state of stress in the UK

By |2017-10-13T10:55:31+00:00March 23rd, 2017|Time Management and Prioritisation tips|

I am convinced by personal experience, observation and measurement that highly productive and effective people feel less negative stress. Indeed, our measurements demonstrate an inverse correlation between highly productive performance and negative stress. Because of my focus on helping people achieve their results easier, I was interested in seeing this [...]

How to email an open document in #Office365 without going to your inbox #WP2P

By |2017-03-13T11:49:04+00:00March 13th, 2017|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

You are busy getting your high priority things done and have just completed that important document you have been working on. You now need to email it to your customer, colleague or supplier. You’re smart and you know that living in your inbox view degrades your ability to manage your [...]

Working Smarter with #Office365 How to email documents without opening Outlook

By |2017-02-23T07:29:03+00:00February 23rd, 2017|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

You can send Documents to anyone by email without opening Microsoft Outlook. You are busy getting stuff done, managing your competing priorities without the distraction of the inbox and you now need to send a file to someone by email. Don’t open the inbox – do this instead! […]

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